2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
    May 25, 2020  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Degree Completion

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Jared R. Bryant, PhD, Director


Jonathan L. Master, PhD
Matthew M. McAlack, PhD
Jean Minto, DLitt
Gary E. Schnittjer, PhD

Associate Professor

Brian P. Luther, PhD

Adjunct Faculty

Teri W. Catanio, MS
Anthony W. Hurst, DMin
Robert Kramer, DMin
Bryan N. Maier, PsyD
Mark L. Menga, PhD
Jeffrey J. Monk, PhD
Alfred M. Muli, PhD
Ann Nitka-Johnson, MS
John C. O’Brien, ThM
Paul E. Randolph, DMin
Keith Treadwell, MDiv

The Program

The Degree Completion Program is designed to educate students in an accelerated and accessible format so they may finish their college degrees. The program is intentionally centered upon the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.

Degree Completion is built around dynamic and substantive core courses on the Scriptures and theology. The student has the opportunity to study the entire Bible in a rigorous academic setting with instructors committed to a conservative evangelical outlook. The biblical studies courses are complemented by a series of courses on Christian theology, which provide instruction on all of the major doctrines of Christianity. Students learn to navigate many theological challenges.

The core biblical and theological studies curriculum provides a basis for serving Christ, while the program’s tracks and electives provide the next steps in career and/or educational opportunities. In the BS in Bible degree program students may select one of three tracks. Track courses have been selected and designed to help students prepare for employment opportunities and/or the academic requirements to apply for graduate studies in these fields of study. The tracks are Christian Ministry, Biblical Studies, and Introduction to Counseling. Students who do not have previous college credit to transfer may study these same subjects in pursuit of the Associate of Arts degree in Bible. In addition, the Degree Completion Program offers students the opportunity to apply for dual-level programs in which a Master of Arts degree in Religion or a Master of Science in Counseling degree can be earned at the same time as the BS in Bible degree. Students may also pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies. This degree includes the core biblical and theological studies curriculum, as well as a substantial number of arts and sciences courses.


The student will:

  1. Explain the Scriptures and Christian theology.
  2. Develop communication skills in reading, writing, and projects.
  3. Demonstrate evidence of godly character through Christian service.

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