2004-2005 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Aug 09, 2022  
2004-2005 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Message from the Provost


Choosing where you’ll get your college education is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Where you study impacts your future as much or more than what you study. That’s because today’s employers want both competence and character in the people they hire. They actively recruit graduates from universities and programs that have credentials and a proven track record for cultivating both. For over 90 years Philadelphia Biblical University has been that kind of place. Not only do our programs have the highest regional and professional accreditation available to any college or university, but our graduates have a strong reputation for having the competence and character to lead in whatever fields they serve.

Today change occurs so rapidly in our world that there’s a good chance the job you’ll fill after college hasn’t been invented yet, and that over the course of your life your occupation will change many times. That’s why it’s important to pick a university program that equips you with the foundations you’ll need to be successful in multiple fields. This is exactly what all of our programs at Philadelphia Biblical University do.

I invite you to take a close look at our catalog and compare us to other universities. If you do, you’ll discover that we stand out from the others in three important ways. Instead of only getting a few courses on the Bible (if any), you get a whole degree program that equips you to live and teach God’s Word with the skill of an expert. Instead of getting only superficial or spotty exposure to the great literature, art, cultures, ideas, movements, discoveries, and people that shape our world, you get a comprehensive education in the arts and sciences that equips you with critical insight into the greatest problems and questions we encounter in our world today. And instead of being left on your own to figure out how to integrate the Bible and your faith into your chosen profession, you get an entire program of courses in your selected field to help you integrate your faith and biblical values into every aspect of your profession.

Study our catalog and you’ll see. Here at PBU, we’re not into just producing graduates. We’re into producing leaders- men and women who have the biblical knowledge, professional competence, and Christian character to change their world. That’s what a PBU education can do for you.


Kevin D. Huggins, Ph.D.
Sr. Vice President and Provost
Philadelphia Biblical University